80% of patients are searching online for health care information. Make those patients your patients with InQuicker.

Our Urgent Care Waiting Service enables patients to check-in for estimated treatment times at your facility.

Patient access to your facility means you see:

  • Competitive Advantage: 91% of InQuicker urgent care patients wait less than 15 minutes once they arrive for treatment vs. 57% of national urgent care patients.
  • New Patients: Average of 49% new for our facilities.
  • Improved Care Coordination: You and your staff can better triage care by knowing who is coming into your facility before they arrive.
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction: 96% patient satisfaction rates for our urgent care facilities.
  • Patient Retention: 1/3 of InQuicker urgent care patients are repeat users.
  • Financial Return: 100% ROI in 30-60 days.
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So you're a hospital with an Urgent Care Center?

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  • Aside from the benefits above, you see:
  • A higher financial return with additional patients using InQuicker to access your Urgent Care Center, ER and physicians.
  • Instant in-network referrals from your Urgent Care to your ER or physicians.
  • Access to the right level of care for them all within your network.
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Hear from one of our 371 customers in 25 states:

Medical Center of Central Georgia, a Level 1 Trauma Center with their ER and 3 Urgent Care Centers live. 371 facilities.

MCCG has seen over 10,000 patients use InQuicker since launching in 2011.

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Other Benefits you only get when working with InQuicker include:

InQuicker Plug-in
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  • InQuicker Plug-in so patients can check-in and wait online directly from your website.
  • Custom mobile applications, branded to your Urgent Care Center.
  • Online and offline marketing services that work with your current initiatives.
  • No additional staffing required at any of our facilities.
  • Dedicated staff and patient support 24/7.
  • We power your brand in all InQuicker marketing materials.
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