InQuicker brings revenue to your practice.

Our Appointment Scheduling service enables patients to book appointments online instantly at their convenience.

Patient access to your practice means you see:

  • Financial Return: One of our providers has seen over $115,000 in revenue from InQuicker patients.
  • New Patients: 2 out of 3 of your patients will be new with Appointment Scheduling.
  • Competitive Differentiation: 75% of consumers say they would use online scheduling. Stand out from competition by making this possible at your practice.
  • Patient Compliance: 42% of InQuicker physician appointments occur within 24 hours.
  • Measurable ROI: Patient feedback and analytics tracking means you and your staff are able to measure ROI.
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So you’re a hospital with independent and affiliated physicians?

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  • Aside from the benefits above, with InQuicker you can:
  • Schedule follow up appointments instantly before discharge to ensure compliance.
  • Match ER patients to your physicians to keep them in your network.
  • See a higher financial return with additional patients using InQuicker to access your physicians, ER and urgent care center.
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Benefits you only get when working with InQuicker:

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  • Custom mobile applications branded for your office.
  • 30-minute implementation.
  • Simple console design for your office staff.
  • Selection based on specialty, insurance, location and availability.
  • Integration with your practice management software.
  • Industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant security.
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Just ask America's Family Doctors, which serves patients in Nashville, TN and neighboring communities.

Hear S. Steve Samudrala, MD discuss how InQuicker is helping grow and manage his practice.

America's Family Doctors Brentwood, TN

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These could be your patients...

"It was so convenient to go online and make an appointment. My first appointment was within the hour and the second within thirty minutes. This is a wonderful idea and seems to have been embraced by the staff 100%. In fact, the nurse said that it is a real life saver!"

"I was going to schedule an ER visit but saw this option! I was able to get in to see a doctor the very next morning and saved a lot of money! I've already told a lot of people about this great option."

"Loved making an appointment online, walking into the doctor's office, signing my name, and getting called to the back 5 minutes later!"